Lost in a Book: TAG

Hey welcome back! I found this tag one early morning and decided that it would give a good insight to my love of books πŸ“– πŸ“š.

1. Do you have a specific place at home to read in?

Most of the time I read in bed but for those weekends when I don’t have a lot to do I will read wherever is convenient.

2, Where do you like to read?

It is probably not what you’d expect but I love reading on long haul flights. I get so into books and having a good few hours just to ‘get lost in a book’ is my idea of heaven.

3. Do you use a bookmark or piece of paper?

I tend to use sticky notes as them there is no danger of disjointing the page alignment with a thick bookmark.

4. Can you just stop reading or do you have to get to the end of the chapter?

For me it mostly depends on the situation. If I urgently have to stop I will. Eg I’m getting off a bus. But most of the time I will read to the end of a chapter to act like a pause in the pages.

5. Do you eat or drink whilst reading?

All the time if ever I have a spare few minutes I’ll get out a book so a good solid 15minutes while eating lunch is a perfect time to read.

6. E-reader or real book?

Now I am aware that lots of people love e-readers as they are very convenient. Personally I have a kindle but I only use it when I am going away on a trip and there isn’t enough space for several books. So at home I will only ever read a book.

7. Music or television whilst reading?

I will read if the television is on but only if I’m not the one watching it. As to music that must be turned off because I end up singing along or humming or whatever (that’s what music GCSE has done to me!). So I enjoy reading in silence.

8. One book at a time or several?

If I have to read several books at once I will but generally I read one book then start another because you can get through them quicker than if you read lots at once.

9. Read at home or everywhere?


10. Reading aloud or silently?


11. Fiction or non-fiction?


12. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

Not at all in order to complete a book you have to read every word!

13. Break the spine or keep the book like new?

If it is a second hand book that the spine has already been broken I will just read comfortably with it. If it is a brand new book I won’t break the spine.

14. Do you write in books?

Only study books.

15. What is your favourite book?

I don’t have one I have hundreds.

16. Do you buy books new or second hand?

As the last question didn’t have an answer. I tend to buy second hand books because I can afford several for what it would cost to buy one. But occasionally I will get new books if they are newly published.

Thankyou for reading.

Always ready to type… Embumblex


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